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In the spring of 2019, Celsius approached Movetic to run an influence campaign in 8 cities across the United States over an 8 month period. Movetic then approached Modifly to assist with the influence portion of the campaign due to our prior experience. The main challenge of this campaign was finding influencers all across America who are not only passionate about Celsius, but fit the message that Celsius is trying to create: that Celsius is a lifestyle drink and not only for people who work out.  

For this challenge Modifly successfully contracted a surplus of influencers in every campaign city and still came in under budget for each location as well. Finding areas in the influencers cities that helped to tell a story about who they are was a crucial part of this campaign and a major reason as to why the campaign was such a success. Our diligent collection and outreach team worked tirelessly to ensure that we had more than enough influencers to contact, allowing for us to be picky about who we worked with. When the campaign was brought to us we made one thing clear, we don't want just any influencer - we want the right influencer. With that in mind we spearheaded the influence portion of this nationwide Celsius campaign.  

A strategic influence campaign across 8 cities

Modifly, Movetic and Celsius had great success with the influencers and reached over 130,000 people during just the San Diego campaign alone, generating over 2,500 visits to the Celsius Instagram during the campaign. In San Diego alone, Modifly recruited and contracted 12 influencers to attend photoshoots over the span of 3 days in 6 different locations - all while coming in $750 under budget. The campaign also drove users to the Celsius website, helped them gain thousands of followers on the Celsius Instagram and other socials, and raise overall awareness.