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For some time Nordstrom has been attempting to open new locations called “Nordstrom Local.” They are 3 stores in the heart of LA focused on giving a personalized shopping experience to each customer. The problem was properly letting those living in the surrounding areas that these stores now exist and what they actually do.


Nordstrom tried driving organic traffic to the stores from influencers, advertisements, print media and many other channels but nothing seemed to be working. In the past, they only had 22 people show up to their events, but decided to give it one more try.


Once Modifly saw this location, we knew it was going to be a difficult task to pull off. It’s right off one of the busiest streets in LA and Nordstrom wanted to hold an event on a Tuesday night at 6PM- great time for rush hour traffic!


Modifly’s solution to drive people, RSVPs , and media to the event was to create a ‘party’ hosted by influencers. We sourced the best influencers using Modware’s  geo-locational tools to find the most popular influencers within a 3 mile radius. Once the influencers were on board it was all about creating hype through Nordstrom’s Instagram and partnered influencers.


In addition, we brought in another client, UGG, to give out 50 free pairs of UGG boots to those who arrived first. The results were better than we expected!