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SDX is San Diego’s premier media, marketing, and technology organization where agencies, brands, publishers, and start-ups intersect. Every year, they promote Interactive Day, which is a convention that gathers keynote speakers that have revolutionized different aspects of the marketing industry. However, before Modifly, Interactive Day experienced a decrease in ticket sales over the last three years due to a lack of social media marketing. This meant that there was insufficient knowledge of the event and therefore no general interest in attending.



Interactive Day 2019 became their most successful event, up-to-date. SDX had more revenue generating ticket sales then ever before. Compared to previous Interactive Day events they saw a 90% growth in revenue with a total of 650 tickets sold and a 400% increase in engagement by using Modifly. 


Modifly’s goal was to boost awareness for the event and increase ticket sales. We did this by developing  a fully inclusive strategy that would drive public interest and social engagement. The strategy that we developed focused on educating the San Diego marketing community about Interactive Day and its benefits. By creating a grass-roots campaign and highlighting the want and need for Interactive Day, Modifly used Modware to create ads that targeted the emotional value of the event to increase ticket sales. We used Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, in addition to community leaders to promote this event.