Greg Schneider

Co-Founder / Head Zoo Keeper

Growing up in San Diego, Greg considers himself a true native. He is a graduate of both San Diego State University and did his MBA at University of San Diego.

He is a creative hands on problem-solver with the ability to think outside the box. Using experience and  skill that focus on managing multiple initiatives simultaneously; by having a sharp focus, calm nerves, and unflappable personality.  All the awards and  personal achievements in business takes second place in his eyes. Greg’s biggest achievement are his three children as they are a direct reflection of his hard work and dedication.

His position as the Head Zoo Keeper, he uses his experience to smooth out the businesses bumps and obstacles. As Co-Founder and CFO Greg’s daily duties include guiding Modifly down a path positioning the company for the future.

Greg loves, scuba diving, good wine, sunny days at the spa, but most of all family.

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