Original Grain


Original Grain, a wooden watch company, lives through their focus “every timepiece is born with a backstory.” They make unique luxury watches for the everyday person. Their main goal with Modifly was to increase social awareness and following by implementing a new social strategy.

Wooden watches,
Concrete strategy.

204% CTR Increase

After an in depth competitor analysis, Modifly set a plan to showcase every element of differentiation that Original Grain watches have to offer. Like the people who wear them, no two Original Grain watches are the same. Each watch has different cuts and strands of wood, making it a personal and one-of-a-kind piece that feels like it was made for you. Highlighting the uniqueness of each watch was a key to success in our strategy.


Decrease in average CPM


Higher engagement when Modifly took over the account


Increase in user generated content